On A Wild Goose Chase

PUBLISHED ON: 04.23.2022

Instructions for living a life.
Pay Attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.
~Mary Oliver

On our morning walks at a nearby park we have become familiar with a pair of Canadian geese, who appeared only to be ill-tempered, obnoxious, and noisy.

An event between a young energetic Siberian husky who broke loose from its owner, and jumped full body into the pond, to chase the now loudly honking gander, and his family with several goslings was a scene that has forever changed how I view this once pesky large bird.

The owner whose mild panic could be felt calling her dog was pointless. There would be no heed to her calls. Her dog driven by his instincts to chase, was up against the gander whose instinct was to protect. The gander was far more cleverer and adept in his environment than the paddling dog.

The Wild Goose Chase begins……

The gander effortlessly steered the dog away from the goslings by staying close enough for the young dog to continue the predator chase, while tiring itself out. The gander was even willing to give the dog a reprieve by leading it to the shoreline. The dog was not smart enough to know it should cut his losses and call it a day. There was even a moment when one of the goslings broke away from his mother and began to drift closer to the gander. The gander immediately shifted direction without hesitation and proceeded to take the dog on a detour.  The husky finally decided to cut the chase or drown from exhaustion.

I was reminded watching this event that humans are not the only ones who take extraordinary measure to protect, nurture and raise their young.

Did you know?

  • Geese Mate for life.
  • They express mourning behaviors if they lose their mate, unhatched eggs, or babies.
  • They have strong affection for others in the group. If one is sick or wounded one or two of the geese will drop out of formation to help and protect.


  • I’m glad you were there to witness and report this extraordinary behavior. Twas a blessing for you and for us. Thank you. ❤️

  • Since, I am not a fan of Canadian Geese, I starting reading your post with hesitation. I am still not a fan but have developed new respect for the species.

  • i am a huge bird lover and watcher. I remember seeing a dead bird on the road, sadly run over and its mate hovering over it in distress…

  • That Canadian goose family looks absolutely adorable, though noisy and ill-tempered. We see quite a bit of Canadian and Egyptian geese on our daily walk at Rhine river. They all seem quite nice.
    Can’t imagine a playful husky chasing the geese in the pond..what a chaos!

  • Canada Geese are majestic. However, annoying they can be I still love them. Love watching the migration.

  • What an interesting scene to observe! We have a park near us that usually has at least a few geese throughout the year, and in the fall has hundreds (we assume they’re migrating geese dropping in for a visit). Always fun to go there. 🙂

  • Wow- a very touching story about the intelligence, instincts, and protective behaviors of geese.It does bring the saying of a wild goose chase to life!! My husband was once bit by a wild goose when he was four and the goose chased him down the road too. He said it REALLY hurt and he has never forgotten the incident. Of course he was probably intentionally annoying the geese and there was probably babies involved. I enjoyed reading the Did you know? No , I didn’t know.. and it was interesting. Thanks,

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