Deliciously Dutch Part IV

PUBLISHED ON: 09.16.2009

This is a continuation of a series of short blog posts about our food experience while traveling through the Netherlands this summer. This journey would not have been possible without the hospitality and friendship of the VanVliet family. They opened their home, shared their lives, culture and the love of country with our family.

The Knapp’s and the VanVliet Family
Anneke and Loek

I  love experiencing different food cultures. May it be the diversity of New York City, the Pacific Northwest, a local pub down the street, or across the Atlantic.  The more I travel the better I understand my own culture. I got the “what”  in my American culture but with traveling, I understand the “why”.

I believe what we choose to eat is a reflection of our traditions, basic values and our beliefs. Americans by their very nature are a very diverse Heinz 57 grown variety. While traveling, I see the nuances, how  traditions are adapted to our way of life, and where our traditions began. I also experience the desire of other cultures to take on some of our American characteristics. It is amazing journey and I hope to continue to rediscover my culture by discovering other cultures.

I can’t resist sharing a few more images with you.

Oh! So good! Dutch pancakes with sliced apples, cinnamon and sugar


The Dutch contributed to the American culture and they are proud of their history. They are especially proud of their influence on the development of New York. One of America’s greatest cities.
There is no other way to describe Ginger Ale.
I think this photo speaks for itself.

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