Make Mine a Mojito

PUBLISHED ON: 06.14.2009

While the weather may not be cooperating in the other parts of the country, there is no denying that in North Florida summer is here. That means it is officially MOJITO TIME!!

Move over Bobby Flay. The Mojito men have arrived and with them they have brought killer fresh ingredients to prepare for the thirsty crowd their version of the Mojito cocktail.
Gentlemen, get out your muddlers and let the Throwdown begin!
This is hard work. Each drink has to be made individually and the crowd is getting feisty.
And the winner is…………
A tie! The outcome is not surprising, both these Mojitos, kicked-butt. The Mojito men put forth their best and left with heavy muddle fatigue. The crowd was happy and looking ahead to the Margarita challenge.
Here is another great Mojito recipe to add to your collection.
Scott’s Lemon-Lime Mojito
(Disclaimer: This is an original, on the fly recipe based on the original so proportions are estimates and should be varied to your taste).
Serves 1
1 Persian lime sliced paper thin
1 Key lime sliced thin
1-2 thinly slices of lemon (note: try and pick small, thinly skinned lemons to reduce pithiness)
4-5 fresh mint leaves
3 Tablespoons lemon-mint simple syrup (recipe below)
3-4 ounces light rum ( Use top-shelf rum to reduce adverse side effects the next day)
Splash of mineral water ( prefer S. Pelligrino)
Place limes, lemon slices and mint in a tall, sturdy glass. Muddle until fruit is juiced and mint is in pieces. For best results, spend the little extra for a muddler. Use a firm downward, twisting motion. Add the simple syrup then the rum. Mix thoroughly. Splash with mineral water leaving enough room for ice. Add ice. Garnish with small sprig of mint and lime.
Lemon-Mint Simple Syrup
2 cups Splenda
1 cup water
2 full sprigs of mint or about 10 leaves
1 lemon sliced
In a saucepan, combine the splenda and water. Mix well. Add lemon slices and bring mixture to a full boil. Turn off heat. In a heatproof container (e.g. pyrex) add mint. Carefully add simple syrup and cool completely in the refrigerator.
Our next challenge is margaritas. If your margarita is up to the challenge, please share your recipe with us!

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