Bloodied Knees Cocktail

PUBLISHED ON: 02.11.2023

People like me who live in sunshine year-round often find the idea of snow and cold weather dreamy. At least until they spend real time experiencing snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.  This last journey to the north during winter has cured me of my romanticism. Give me sunshine and humidity. I will deal with tropical downpours and hurricanes, and humidity you can cut with a knife. I will sit on my patio, enjoy the iceless view, with a cocktail.

Citrus is peaking here in the south, and we can assume all this beautiful citrus is being shipped all over the country to be enjoyed. This is why this simply prepared and delicious cocktail using blood oranges, and fresh lemon juice would be a salve to the woes of freezing temps.

Bloodied Knees Cocktail
One Serving

2 oz. good quality gin
2/3 oz. blood orange juice
2/3  honey simple syrup (Note: dissolve equal parts honey to equal parts warm water)
2/3 oz. fresh lemon juice
Garnish:  Orange zest

Place all the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass with the strip of orange zest.

  • Cheers
    We will try it

  • What a fun name for a delicious drink! It surely looks very beautiful and tempting.

  • Looks delicious! Can’t wait to join you on the porch for one!

  • Sounds like just the drink to help cure this citua craving I’ve got here in the Midwsst.

  • Yes give me the heat and humidity over snow and ice as well. Are you in Australia like me? Your cocktail looks delicious, and perfect for now.

  • I used to be the same way about snow and cold winters! It looked so fun to bundle up and enjoy the cold days…and then we moved up north. No thanks! Shoveling a driveway full of snow was not nearly as much fun as I thought! We made it 11 years, but then we moved back South. I’ll take this any day!! And I’ll also take one of these cocktails any day. I love the blood orange juice here – what a fun cocktail idea!

  • That cocktail looks beautiful Velva. And love the glass. Our son has a set of those and I’m always tempted to add them to my glass collection … if only I had room. Well, we love our snow here in Colorado, but lately with our unseasonably frigid temps and the ice that refuses to leave our driveway … I’ll take your humidity for a couple of days.

  • This sounds so good! And so perfect for citrus season.

  • this looks beautiful and sounds delicious. I am in a hot and very humid city so this would go down well. We had a storm this arvo but it didn’t help much to relieve the hot and sultry air 🙂

  • I will drink this, yes, happily, but it’s not going to put a dent in the winter cold. Brr. Only spring will do that – but it’s not far off.

  • Living in Scotland Velva, I can say we crave the warmer days of summer. Winter is cold and I get tired of scraping the ice off my car every morning just to take it out. My other half and I will be retiring to a much warmer climate. Preferably Mediterranean! So I 100% agree that it’s right you stay and enjoy this cocktail in a warm tropical climate. Cause that’s exactly what I’ll be doing very soon!

  • Oh, this looks wonderful, Velva! Love the blood orange juice! The use of “knees” makes me think of my good Southern friend Alice (sadly gone from this world at 99 years of age), who always talked about being “knee walkin’ drunk.” I can still hear it in her drawl today… She would love this cocktail. (P.S. – I’ll take heat and dry, but am done with cold and snow, as well.)

  • Beautiful photo! Beautiful!

  • Salute’ Velva!
    This looks delightful! I’d love it any time of the year!
    We were in southern FL recently and enjoyed the most incredible weather, the citrus, the cocktails from citrus juice, and the fresh FISH! omgosh, I’d be so spoiled.
    I’m so glad that you’re blogging again! You have the most interesting recipes!
    Happy Spring!

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