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PUBLISHED ON: 06.15.2022

München, literally translated (“Home of the Monks”) is the capitol city of the German state of Bavaria in Southern Germany.  We spent several days exploring this beautiful city.

Beer at breakfast? Yes, a malty wheat beer served at breakfast, and before you think scandalous, think about mimosas at brunch. Serving beer at breakfast alongside white sausage (A mixture of finely minced veal and back bacon with parsley, onions, and mace) and fresh crusty bread or pretzels is a Bavarian tradition.

Frühlingsfest is Munich’s other beer festival held in the late spring. A three-week festival which is the lead up to the main event “Oktoberfest” with the same features German beer, delicious food, and a festive atmosphere.

This was our first time experiencing anything like this- A live band, a oom-pah style sing alongs, and a killer version of Sweet Caroline sung by two thousand beer drinking Germans, a majority swinging beers in their traditional Bavarian lederhosen and traditional dresses call dirndl. Who says music does not bring the world together?

A nature lovers dream was a day trip to Wallberg mountain in Southern Bavaria, part of the Bavarian alps. A peak at 5,650 feet, and wide forest pathways makes it ideal to hike in the summer, and it is a popular area for skiing in the winter. Although, we enjoyed a couple of hours walking the beautiful pathways, we opted for the tram bucket to the summit. We would be kidding ourselves, if I wrote we weren’t feeling skittish about ascending the Wallberg mountain in a bucket tram. We did!  We could see the peak of a nearby mountain through the clouds as  our cable car continued its climb.












On our return to Munich we stopped by the most beautiful alpine dairy farm for a late lunch. Fresh milk, fresh grassy cheese, brown bread and the most fantastic coffee.

Our bodies were filled with crisp, fresh clean mountain air. Our bellies were full of fresh cheeses, breads, jams, and meats. I would visit this place everyday for breakfast or lunch, who am I kidding I would come for only coffee and pastry too.

We spent a month in Europe there is a lot to share! Next stop, the Hague.







  • Back in the early days of the US, beer (or ale) was a common breakfast drink. And lunch drink. And dinner drink! Part of the reason was that water was often unhealthy. Or so I’ve read. 🙂 Anyway, what a fun post! Really enjoyable read — thanks.

  • The mountains look delightful! My breakfast tastes are pretty inflexible, I realize! I think it would be less appealing to me to eat sausage than to drink beer. But I suspect that most people would find it quite lovely. Your photos are great.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • What fun and beer for breakfast!!

  • Great read and fun post. Everyone should try beer for breakfast – at least once. Amazing photos of your trip!

  • Land of my ancestors! Love it love it love it! Thanks for sharing. Prosit!!

  • Excellent travelogue – I could feel the mountain air! Delighted it was all you wanted the trip to be. Maybe lunch soon so you can tell me more? xoxox Judy

  • Looks like that you had a FUN time in München 🙂 The mountain looks really nice.

  • oh wow this looks like so much fun and so delicious! The closest i have been to munich was in a long distance train heading to amsterdam! My great grandmother was from germany so one day i must get there.

  • Oh I miss traveling in Europe – I’m ready to go back! We haven’t made our way to Munchen yet, but I really like the idea of going during Fruhlingsfest – it sounds like a great way to get the Oktoberfest experience, but maybe just a little less crowded? Either way, thanks for the fun post. It whisked me away to Germany for a few minutes this morning!

  • Great shots of a beautiful area Velva. I’ve been to the Garmish area of Bavaria a few times and always went thru Munich but never stopped which I now regret as I often dream of enjoying the experience you described. Look forward to the rest of your trip.

  • What a great trip!!….I miss the European cheeses with a real milk taste….I’m so happy that you enjoyed that time in Germany!….Abrazotes, Marcela

  • Glad you enjoyed your trip! Nice foods and pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  • Well I don’t mind a little of Irish cream in my morning coffee (Only on the weekends though), so I guess beer for breakfast shouldn’t be considered scandalous, either 🙂 Beautiful pictures!

  • I love Munich! I’ve visited many times, and have always been absolutely in love with that city.

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