Meyer Lemons: The Joys and Sorrows

PUBLISHED ON: 04.07.2013

I am a guest blogger at  Kitchen Butterfly.  Oz, is a native Nigerian who has a reflective nature about food and culture.  She is spontaneous, adventurous and you will always come away from her blog read with something new.

Oz has fallen in love with Meyer Lemons.  I could not resist bragging and letting her know that my tree this season produced an abundance of Meyer Lemons.  She took me to task for bragging and I agreed to submit a post.

I enjoyed sharing my experience and I hope that you will Click below for a fun read.  This is also a great opportunity to discover a new blog and say hello to Oz who has a passion for everything food.

Meyer Lemons: The Joys and Sorrows

The citrus blossoms have already formed for next year’s bounty and the abundance of bees are helping to ensure a bumper crop.

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