Clementine Negroni Cocktail

PUBLISHED ON: 11.11.2010
If you are looking for a cocktail that takes it to the next level, and is bursting with autumn colors.  I suggest you turn the music up, find your favorite person, shake a couple of these cocktails and enjoy the evening. 
Clementine Negroni Cocktail
Makes 2
Recipe from Bon Appetit

3 clementines, peeled
3 dashes of orange bitters
1/4 cup Hendricks’s Gin (A smooth Scottish cucumber infused gin-worth seeking out) or other good quality gin
1/4 cup Campari
3 tablespoons sweet vermouth
Ice cubes
2 clementines, sliced for garnish
Place 3 whole peeled clementines and orange bitters in a cocktail shaker and muddle until the clementines are broken down.  Add gin, Campari, and vermouth.  Fill shaker 3/4 full with ice.  Shake vigorously for 30 seconds.  Strain into two martini glasses, dividing equally.  Garnish each with a clementine slice.

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