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PUBLISHED ON: 11.14.2010

Can you tell the weather is stunning?  I almost cannot contain myself.  The days are warm and the evenings are cool.  Wow!

I have been getting some ribbing from my northern friends who cannot fathom the idea that anyone in Florida would ever need a fire place.  Worse, to have one built into your home.  I am guilty on both counts.  I live in the northwest part of Florida known as the Panhandle.  In North Florida we do not have a tropical climate which secures 85 degrees in the summer with a breeze.  Ours is more like 100 degrees, and you cut the air with a knife, the humidity is so thick, the air is stagnant.  However, come Autumn our temps are mild.  Days are often warm and nights are cool.  Some mornings have already been down right chilly.  We have woken up to the 30’s and this my friends is when I turn on the gas fireplace ( I can hear the chuckles already about the gas fireplace).

No recipes today, just a few photographs from our weekly supper gathering.

Feels like Spring.  If I did not tell you that the outside air was cool, you would not believe me. 

Appears, that I am confused because there is still fresh zucchini that is available at the farmer’s market. As I often say, the summer squash that is the gift that keeps on giving.
Wine, salad and pasta-It does not get any better
Did I mention the pasta?  No heavy sauce just yet, that will be arriving soon.
If you would like to host your Sunday gathering here on Tomatoes on the Vine, send me a message.

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