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Keeping It Simple: Cucumber Ricotta Sandwiches

We Americans complicate our food. We are busy and stressed.  We stare into our pantries endlessly. We overwhelm ourselves in the kitchen with good intentions, and then throw in the towel, and head to a restaurant or worse, we make our way through a drive thru to pick up a tasteless bag of sodium, fat,

Savoring the Season

Tomatoes With Creamy Feta

Hands down one of my favorite new recipes. The sharp salty flavor of feta cheese combined with the rich texture of Greek yogurt make a perfect base for the layer of summer tomatoes, lemon juice and mint. If you thought it ends there, it doesn’t- let’s warm up olive oil, and add smoked paprika (A

Cork Talk

Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo)

Spanish cuisine is focused on creating dishes that use fresh ingredients reflective of the region it is produced or grown. Spanish olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, eggs, and the smoky spice of paprika are commonly shared ingredients you will find in many Spanish dishes. There is an intrinsic understanding that what grows together, goes together in


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